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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Splinter Cell Conviction Apk Android HVGA + SD Data file (Links Updated)

Splinter Cell: Conviction

Play as Sam Fisher, an agent highly trained Special Forces 
and fight a corrupt secret agency to get his daughter back. Follow a trail 
of intrigue that leads from Iraq to a high security building in Washington. 
Run, fight, jump, and shoot with a pistol, shotgun, AK47 and bazooka, 
or keep a low profile improvising with nearby objects. 
You are now a renegade spy agent, you do not follow the orders, 
only their own rules!

* Play for stool 11 on 8 different locations including a 
  unique sequence smartphone on the Potomac River;
* Fully polished 3D graphics with incredible depth of vision;
* The Mark and Execute feature allows you to mark multiple targets, 
  in sequence, quickly removing all at once;
The last known position indicates where your enemies think you are, 
  allowing you to outflank and eliminate them;
* Use a wide range of equipment to get rid of enemies. 
  Guns, grenades and goggles sonar are at your disposal!;
* Defeat your opponents in combat hand-to-body and 
  interrogate enemies for crucial information.

Copy the date of the game 
gameloft / games / here install. apk
if the game does not work, close 
put in airplane mode and try again.

Apk Download   (4shared)
Apk Download  (Sendspace)
Download Data    (181mb) installed (482mb)

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Ziaulh said...

Even if I copy the sd data it require 215 mb more...

Nafees Khabir said...

yaeh its true you have to free up space

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